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Student Research Supplement

Purpose: Student Research Supplements (SRAS) are intended to foster undergraduate and master’s student research and allow active research training and mentoring by providing supplemental funding to existing TRDRP awards, in order to bring new workforce into the stated TRDRP research priority areas.  

Supplement submission procedure: 

To be considered for funding, an application for a Student Research Award Supplement must be submitted as part of a scientific progress report for an active, non-mentored TRDRP grant

There must be at least one year remaining on the TRDRP parent award to ensure the best conditions and results for prospective trainees. 

Please click links below for application instructions and necessary forms to complete the application. Upload completed documents in SmartSimple.

If you have questions, please contact Jen Jackson at

Mentor eligibility: 

  • Recipients of non-mentored TRDRP grants, such as Research Awards, are eligible to apply for a Student Research Supplement.  
  • Principal Investigators of Postdoctoral and Predoctoral Awards are not eligible to apply for a Student Research Supplement. 

Trainee eligibility: 

  • Undergraduate and master’s students are eligible for a Student Research Supplement. 
  • Students enrolled in a doctoral degree program are not eligible for this supplement and should apply for the Predoctoral Award.   

Supplement details: 

  • Maximum supplement amount per year: $20,000 (direct cost) 
  • Maximum duration: 2 years 
  • Allowable direct costs (trainee support only): Salaries, fringe benefits, tuition, enrollment fees for the trainee, supplies, domestic travel 
  • Equipment: Not allowed as part of this supplemental funding  
  • Supplies and Travel: 
    • Project-related travel: As needed (must be fully justified) 
    • Travel to TRDRP conference: $750 (mandatory) 
    • Scientific conference travel: Up to $2,000 per year (excluding TRDRP Conference) 
    • Supplies: Up to $2,200 (must be fully justified) 
  • Indirect Costs: Not allowed