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Tobacco Policy Research Centers (TPRC)

**Please Note: the TPRC Award mechanism has a separate Request for Applications (RFA), which must be read and adhered to by applicant teams. The separate RFA can be found on TRDRP's website under Funding Opportunities**

Purpose: Supports multi-disciplinary collaborative policy research centers working in partnership with advocates, community members, policymakers and other key stakeholders. Funded Centers will identify commercial tobacco policy research needs, respond to them, and disseminate policy research that directly addresses local and state tobacco policy issues and their potential bi-directional impact on national policy.


Award Overview:

  • Maximum duration: 4 years
  • Maximum award amount offered: $3,000,000 (total direct cost cap) or $750,000 (total direct cost cap per year)
  • Indirect costs: Full indirect costs are allowed to non-UC institutions. Indirect costs to UC campuses are capped at 40 percent, or 25 percent for projects conducted off-campus.

Award Requirements: The requirements for the TPRC Award mechanism are explicated in the standalone TPRC RFA.

Review criteria: Detailed review criteria are described in the TPRC RFA.

For more details read the Tobacco Policy Research Center Request for Applications