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Other tobacco-related health effects

Supports research projects on diseases not included in TRDRP priority areas 1-8, as long as the disease has been identified as being causally associated with tobacco smoking in the Report of the Surgeon General or if tobacco-related products or their constituents are integral to the proposed study.

TRDRP supports innovative, timely and high impact research that addresses basic, translational or clinical aspects of tobacco-related diseases. Research into the mechanisms, diagnosis, prevention and treatment of tobacco-related diseases, with a focus on disproportionately affected groups, is of critical importance to reducing the negative impact of tobacco product use.  TRDRP-funded studies must focus on diseases and biomedical mechanisms that are directly related to tobacco use. Research that can inform FDA regulations on new and emerging tobacco products is of particular interest. 

Examples of relevant research topics: 

  • Eye diseases including, but not limited to, age-related macular degeneration, cataracts, diabetic retinopathy, dry eye, glaucoma, and uveitis;  
  • Type 2 diabetes and associated serious health complications, such as poor blood flow leading to amputation and peripheral neuropathy; and 
  • Communicable diseases, such as influenza and COVID-19

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