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Research priorities

All applications must address one or more of TRDRP’s nine research priorities.

The Tobacco-Related Disease Research Program of California (TRDRP) administers the portion of state retail taxes on tobacco products that are designated for research within California. This unique source of funding supports investigators at eligible California institutions whose research contributes directly to the elimination of smoking and the use of tobacco products and mitigates the human and economic costs of tobacco product use in California.

Throughout our funding portfolio, we have several crosscutting goals:

  • End tobacco-related health disparities: Tobacco product use causes high rates of morbidity and mortality in groups disproportionately impacted by social and environmental determinants of health: low-income groups, racial/ethnic minority groups, youth, young adults, LGBTQ smokers, people with mental health issues and living in rural and urban areas of the U.S. We support grantees to design and assess prevention and cessation strategies in diverse populations to ensure health for all Californians. 
  • Understand the health effects of new and emerging tobacco products: These products, such as vapes and e-cigarettes have grown remarkably in popularity, especially among populations disproportionately affected by tobacco product use and adolescents. Yet the effects of the devices and flavoring additives used in these products remain unknown. We continue to fund studies on the health effects of new devices, new product flavors, and on nicotine itself.
  • Evaluate the intersection of cannabis and tobacco and its impact on public health: Especially following the legalization of recreational cannabis use, research on the biological and population level impact of combined use of these products is needed to inform effective health policies. For this reason, TRDRP funds research that includes cannabis as it relates to tobacco use, tobacco policy, or tobacco-related disease.
  • Engage the community in research: TRDRP supports studies in which community-based organizations and community-level health clinics are equal partners in research with academics, to address health and disease issues that affect them, often in unique ways. In addition, all grantees are required to develop a Community Engagement Plan and annually report on these activities. Incorporating community engagement at the outset of a research project lays the groundwork for broader engagement in the findings and, in turn, a greater likelihood that the research will lead to a reduction in health disparities.
  • Disseminate findings from TRDRP grants to communities throughout California: TRDRP is committed to sharing findings from the grants we have funded with state agencies and with Californians that can benefit from this research.