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Funding from The California Cancer Research Fund is being offered as part of this call for applications.

2015 Call for applications

We fund research that contributes to the elimination of smoking and tobacco use and mitigates the human and economic costs of tobacco use in California.

TRDRP offers a unique source of funding that supports investigators at all eligible California institutions. Our research priorities and funding investments are designed to focus on under-funded and emerging critical areas of study in the area of tobacco-related disease and tobacco control research. To get started:

  1. Determine your eligibility for funding
  2. Explore our five research priorities (all applications must address one or more)
  3. Review the 2015 award mechanisms and dates and deadlines
  4. Familiarize yourself with our award processes
  5. Contact a program officer with any questions
  6. Use proposalCENTRAL to submit your LOI and/or proposal

Or, if you prefer to view the call for applications as a single document:

Call for applications (pdf)

Summary of changes for the 2015 award cycle

Our resubmission policy has been revised to be consistent with the NIH policy.

While much of the content for the 2015 call for applications remains unchanged from the 2014 cycle, we strongly encourage you to review the research priorities and award mechanisms carefully before submitting an application.

Eligibility for TRDRP funding

Investigators from California not-for-profit organizations are eligible for TRDRP funding, including but not limited to colleges, universities, hospitals, laboratories, research institutions, local health departments, community-based organizations, voluntary health agencies, health maintenance organizations and other tobacco control groups. The sponsoring institution, in accordance with its own policies and procedures, should designate the Principal Investigator (PI).

The PI must supervise the research project and any trainees directly and in person. Although the research undertaken with TRDRP funds must be conducted primarily in California, part of the work may be done outside California if the need to do so is well-justified (e.g., it is integral to the achievements of a specific aim), and the results of such work may be applied to understanding the causes and/or improving the prevention and treatment of tobacco-related diseases in California.

In accordance with UC policy, PIs who are UC employees and who receive any part of their salary through UC must submit grant proposals through their UC campus contracts and grants office. Exceptions must be approved by the UC campus where the PI is employed.

US citizenship is not a requirement for eligibility.

NOTE: Investigators may submit more than one proposal per funding cycle; however, only one grant per funding cycle will be awarded to an individual Principal Investigator.