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2017 Grant Award Mechanisms

Grant Mechanism Purpose of Award Maximum Award/Year (Direct Cost)  Maximum Award Duration (Years)
High Impact Pilot Research Award (IP) To gather preliminary data or demonstrate proof-of-principle for tobacco-related research with potential for high impact $120,000/year 2
High Impact Research Project Award (IR) To conduct research that will achieve or advance work towards achieving high impact $150,000/year 2
Community Practice-Based Research Planning Award (CP) To support partnership development among health service researchers and healthcare practitioners to promote sustainable system change in tobacco cessation efforts at healthcare clinics $150,000/year 2
Cornelius Hopper Diversity Supplements (CHDAS)* To train promising individuals either from underrepresented communities and/or those who wish to pursue careers in tobacco- related research focused on underserved communities $15,000/year 1
Postdoctoral Fellowship (FT) To support postdoctoral research training under a designated
$55,000/year 2
California STAR Award (SA) To support the early independent career of a tobacco-related/focused scientist within the first three years of a first independent appointment $100,000/year 3
Mackay California-Pacific Rim Tobacco Policy Scholar Award (MT) To build leadership among mid- career researchers to foster evidence-based tobacco control policy with relevance to California and the Pacific Rim region (Asia, Pacific Islands, and Latin America) $150,000/year 2
Special Projects (ST) To support small scientific conferences and other research dissemination activities. To provide limited rapid support for early investigation into emerging issues in tobacco control or tobacco-related disease research $5,000 1
 Scientific Conference Award (CX) To support in-person scientific conferences that disseminate TRDRP-funded research and convene TRDRP investigators and colleagues Up to $50,000/year 2

* Cornelius Hopper Diversity Supplement (CHDAS) applications will be accepted as a part of the mentoring- PI's application