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Strategic Plan

OUR VISION: Elimination of commercial tobacco use and tobacco-related diseases and improved health and well-being of all Californians.

Programmatically, TRDRP seeks to heighten the influence of our funded research through the use collective impact strategies that utilize teams of stakeholders, rather than individuals, from the inception through to the completion of a project or initiative.

The fact that smoking prevalence remains highest among populations that are plagued by other health disparities means that TRDRP will continue to fund research in this area and to encourage new approaches that will actually result in reduced smoking prevalence for all. This is directly aligned with the California Endgame Initiative which seeks to end the sale and use of all tobacco products in the state by the year 2035.

It was with these concepts in mind, along with survey data from our primary stakeholders that TRDRP embarked on a new strategic planning process in 2019. The goals for the next five years are:

  1. Serve as the leader in cutting-edge tobacco research by identifying and advancing innovative funding strategies that will drive policy and systems change.
  2. Utilize collaborative and interdisciplinary approaches to identify key research needs and to implement effective dissemination strategies for impactful tobacco control policymaking.
  3. Support communities most vulnerable to tobacco-related health disparities by providing real time, relevant, and actionable research findings to promote health equity and reduce negative impacts of tobacco in all California communities.
  4. Strive for excellence in the stewardship of grants and grantmaking operations by leveraging key partnerships, evaluating and improving processes and procedures, and enabling staff development.

Using these goals as a guide, TRDRP will continue to provide the State of California with timely, informative data needed to support tobacco control efforts and improved health for all Californians.