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Frequently Asked Questions

What you need to know about TRDRP's Proposition 56 expenditures

What activities are included in the categories of Research Grants; Research Evaluation; Research Support & Dissemination; and Administration?

  1. Research Grants encompass career development fellowships for undergraduates, predoctoral and postdoctoral researchers; investigator-initiated research grants and strategic research initiatives in TRDRP’s priority research areas. See our list of Funded Research for a snapshot of our portfolio.

  2. Research Evaluation includes soliciting grant applications, reviewing grant applications, funding meritorious grant applications, and monitoring awarded grants.

  3. Research Support and Dissemination includes outreach to current and potential applicants and grantees; dissemination of research outcomes from current grantees; consultation and coordination with the Scientific Advisory Committee and its subcommittees; program and project evaluation; and activities with other organizations to plan and develop tobacco control research opportunities. See our Recent News page for updates on our grantees’ research outcomes.

  4. Administration includes general staff meetings, training/in-service/employee development, personnel management, ordering general office supplies, requisitions, travel reimbursements for staff administrative travel, and the proportion of infrastructure expenses not related to the above programmatic activities.

What is Proposition 56?


Learn more about TRDRP's Proposition 56 appropriation and expenditures. about Frequently Asked Questions
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