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California Cancer Research Fund

Tax-payer donations fund crucial cancer research for all Californians!

The California Cancer Research Fund, supported by California State Tax Check-off donations, is used to sponsor research relating to the causes, detection, and prevention of cancer. In addition to supporting basic biomedical cancer research, funds are used to expand community-based education on cancer, and to provide prevention and awareness activities for communities that have disproportionately high cancer rates. 

The Tobacco-Related Disease Research Program within the Research Grants Program Office at the University of California Office of the President administers the California Cancer Research Fund and has awarded over $2 million to fund research at institutions throughout California.

In 2015, funds were used to support a project aimed at determining why some people are less likely to undergo lung cancer screening tests than others and how primary care physicians can help reduce some of the barriers to screening. Two other funded projects are developing simple cost-effective procedures using blood specimens to predict whether a person is at risk for developing cancer. The hope is that there will soon be a procedure that can be performed during a routine office visit that can detect cancer early in its course – when it is most treatable.  

To ensure that California researchers can continue this vital work, please consider making a donation on CA-FTB Form 540 (Line 413) when you prepare your 2015 tax return.

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